In the volatile and complicated world of agriculture, crop protection retailers need a resource they can count on to help their growers achieve their point of highest development and greatest prosperity.

Meridian Agriculture Distribution brings a broad and powerful portfolio of products and resources to help retailers cut through the clutter and distraction of a challenging industry.


  • What We Do

Meridian combines old school hustle, customer service and attention to the needs of the retailer with cutting edge technology, products and timely information.

How We Do It

By listening to the needs of the retailer and not forcing trendy concepts and ideas.

Why We Do It

The crop input market is becoming more complicated every year. Meridian, with an intense focus on the needs of the retailer, can help untangle the issues.

What We Do

Provide a broad range of ideas and solutions to the retailer so their growers can achieve greater efficiency and prosperity.

  • Strong alliance and broad portfolio of products from the R&D and post patent crop protection companies
  • Innovative marketing programs for the retailer AND programs the retailer can offer their growers
  • Opti-Gro® state of the art, unbiased, precision ag platform that retailers can access and deliver to their growers
  • Access to Innvictis Crop Care products - providing our retailers a vast portfolio of innovative products and unbeatable technology
  • Significant investment in a "First in Class" distribution system that will come on line January 1, 2015


Meridian Agriculture Distribution™ is a trusted partner for retailers across the country

About Meridian

    Meridian Agriculture Distribution is a "first-in-class" wholesale distributor and marketing company. Headquarters are located in Loveland, CO, with wholesale representatives located across the US.

    Meridian has the resources to improve profitability in an increasingly complex and competitive market. We focus our efforts on several key factors including:
    • Timely & Accurate Distribution
    • Providing Quality Products at Competitive Prices
    • Unique Value Added Product &Technology Platforms that Provide Differentiation
    • Exclusive Programs
    • Independent Resource for Information
    Meridian is actively seeking top talent and investing in warehousing and transportation assets to deliver the information, products and technologies to retailers as the most efficient “First in Class” wholesale distributor.

Delivering First-Class Service

  • Meridian Agriculture Distribution has access to, and is able to offer the best precision agriculture platform, Opti-Gro®, which was developed and optimized over the past decade to growers.
  • Access to retailer financing packages.
  • Access to Innvictis® Crop Care, LLC—a company with a wide range of new technology, post-patent, surface application technology, nutritional and nitrogen management products. 
  • R&D product supply is the backbone of Meridian. R&D manufacturers are the life blood of production agriculture and Meridian representatives help sort through the clutter and help the retailer identify the best performing products for their area and their growers.

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